Elaine Free, Ed.D.
Education Foundation Consultant

Many education foundations, historically, served their communities by enhancing education through teacher incentive grants and student scholarships.  As funding for education has changed, so have education foundations.

Now, more foundations are working in close partnership with their school districts to fundamentally change education delivery models, attract outstanding teacher mentors, and construct educational programs and initiatives aligning with a district's strategic plan to further enhance and support students and teachers.  As the mission of foundations has evolved, school district officials and community members see the necessity in having an experienced education foundation consultant and educator on board for a limited time to help them organize an education foundation and to energize their board members, their goals, and their community. 

Successful Ways, Inc. provides a customized suite of consulting, training and mentoring services with onsite visits normally spanning 12 to 24 months.

Services for new and existing education foundations include the following:

  • Alignment with district goals, missions and strategies to ensure your foundation is aiding your district in the direction it needs.
  • Program Development to develop the criteria, guidelines and application process for the identified educational programs and initiatives.
  • Marketing materials and communication support templates to broaden your community's awareness of your foundation's impact.
  • Policy & Procedure Development to ensure your policies provide firm support for smooth operation of your foundation.
  • Funding Development to tap into unrealized potential with endowments, planned giving, fundraising and grants.
  • Strategic Planning to arrive at your foundation's five-year plan of action, complete with comprehensive vision, mission and goals.
  • Coordination for meetings and events that move your foundation to the next level.
  • Mentoring so you are comfortable with your foundation's operations and actions/tasks for success  

Topics For Customized Seminars/Workshops

    Creating a Successful Education Foundation - The Process
    An overview and discussion of the steps to establish a successful education foundation
    Best Practices of Education Foundations
    A detailed review of education foundation practices to ensure success
    PR Tips - Increasing Visibility of an Education Foundation
    How to effectively publicize an education foundation through various tried and true marketing strategies

    Development Ideas - Attracting $$$
    Effective ideas for raising funds to support your education foundation through endowments, planned giving, fundraising, and grants 
    Developing a Five-Year Plan
    Determining your district's strategic goals, aligning your goals with your district's, and effectively working toward those goals for success.  The major focus is to begin constructing your foundation's long-term plan of action.

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